Northern Lights Smokeries offers hot smoked and cold smoked seafood as well as fresh-frozen Salmon, Black Cod and Halibut. 

Hot Smoked Salmon:

White King, Red King, Sockeye (Red) Salmon, Coho (Silver) Salmon and Chum (Keta) Salmon 

These come in three varieties: Classic, Black Pepper and Cajun

White King Salmon - $29.50/lb                                                           (Classic shown below)

Red King Salmon - $29.50/lb                                                          (Classic shown below) 

Sockeye Salmon - $20.00/lb

Coho Salmon - $18.50/lb

Chum Salmon -$15.50/lb

Cold Smoked Salmon (Lox)

Sockeye Salmon Lox - $24.50/lb 

King Salmon Lox- $28.50/lb currently not available

Coho Salmon Lox- $19.75/lb currently not available

Sockeye and Coho available in whole fillets (shown below), half fillets and 1/3 fillets.

King Salmon available in 1/3 and 1/2 fillets/ sides

Cold Smoked Black Cod and Halibut

Black Cod - $24.50/lb

Available in whole fillets (sides). Cook before eating.

Halibut - Currently not available

Fresh-Frozen Seafood

Chum Salmon (Keta)- $9.50/lb

Coho Salmon(Silver)- $12.00/lb

Sockeye Salmon (Red)- $14.00/lb

White and Red King Salmon- $21.75/lb (depending on current market price)

                  Delicious, highest quality, wild salmon!!

Halibut- $21.75/lb

Blackcod- $19.75/lb

***All prices are subject to change depending on current market situation. Please call us    for current prices ! ***

Shipping information:  We are using UPS, 2nd Day Air,  for reliable shipping. Due to our remote location, orders can only be send out Monday or Tuesday, arriving at your door the following Wednesday or Thursday in the afternoon.  We ship our products out in insulated (styrofoam) boxes+ gel-ice packs.  A minimum of 10 lbs per order is recommended in order to keep the product frozen during transportation.  We currently only ship within the USA.

For shipping fees, please look under the"Gift Boxes"-tab. Thank You!!

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