Thomas at the mouth of Petersburg Creek in the Wrangell Narrows.

An iceberg drifts into Frederick Sound out of  Leconte Glacier Bay.

Humpback whales bubble-feeding on herring in Seymour Canal.

Anchored up for the night in Short Finger Bay in Seymour Canal.

Sunset in Petersburg, view from Northern Lights Smokeries.

Sunset in Seymour Canal.

Northern Lights Smokeries in action.

F/V Mitkof anchored in Mist Cove, Chatham Strait.

A curious bald eagle in Summer.

Humpback whale fluke as he dives .

Aurora Borealis (=Northern Lights) with Big Dipper (depicted on the state flag of Alaska).

All photos taken by owner/operator Thomas Cumps except for the Northern Lights picture. 

Northern Lights shot by Rich Lacey.  You can see more photos by Rich Lacey by clicking on the picture above.